So here’s what I can do for you:

Blogging – I can advance quality posts with excellent SEO and SERP ranking, alongside well-researched and traffic-generating content that speaks intimately to your clients and readers. I can also coordinate calculated, well-timed articles in conjunction with industry events, news breaks, technology shifts and wave-changes within your industry.

Website Copy That Works – I can sharpen the content you’ve already got, or re-write and fill your newest website acquisitions with succinct prose and excellent copy that gets the job done and encourages visitors to spend more time with you – rather than your competitor’s.

Ebooks and How-Tos – I can write up an extensive ebook for almost any project in my field and even put up fun, instructional how-tos that directly relate to your services or product. Edutainment is one of the best ways to generate value – and your readers will come back for more.

Awesome Media Campaigns and Newsletters – I can put together and schedule pointed and well-researched newsletters that directly address the immediate needs of your clients and customers, as well as write effective email and social media campaigns to launch products, blogs, websites and events that highlight the worth, value and all-around awesomeness of your company in a timely fashion.

White Papers and Case Studies – I can do the long-term research, interviews, number crunching and product studies that can add just that bit of competitive edge to prove that you’re a premier expert in your field.

While this is a basic overview, anything more detailed and we’re definitely going to need to hook up for that cup of coffee. Submit your details and info below, and we’ll talk about what you need. And Star Wars, if you’re down for that.

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